Want your students to have fun? Play Kahoot!

Skärmklipp 2015-03-05 18.36.35Playing games is the best way of learning some say. Well, this week I tried to gamify my classroom a little bit by having my students play a game of Kahoot. It didn’t take much time to prepare and judging by the excitement among my students while playing I’d say it was time well spent.

Adding the games element is supposed to stimulate learning in most students and it did seem like all of my students were engaged in the activity. In every class I tried it I had kids saying it was the most fun lesson they’d had in a while, which is a good sign. They all wanted to continue playing after the lesson was over.

Creating a game in Kahoot is really easy and setting it up to be played in the classroom takes no time at all. The only thing that might take time is to come up with good questions and good answers, but everything else is quick. You can choose between creating a quiz, a discussion and a survey. Want to know what the students thought o the lesson they just had? Do a kahoot! Want to start a discussion in class? Use kahoot! Want to do word tests in a more fun way? Try kahoot!

For me, Kahoot is a way to help my students build vocabulary in a more fun way. It’s a nice way to start the lesson or end the lesson. And it’s something that the students will look forward to for sure.