Curiosity and Citizen Journalism

Even though I always feel that being a teacher is a very meaningful occupation to have, not every idea I come across resonates as strongly with me. But part of the learning materials for last week in my Open Knowledge-course was a clip from TEDx with Brian Conley talking about Citizen Journalism. Watching it I was incredibly inspired and thought to myself: ”THIS is why I’m a teacher!”

The idea that I can get my students to go out in the world and use the simple technology they already own and operate to document and use that information to be an active and contributive member of their community and in society. This is all about taking education out of the classroom and teaching in ways that inspires the students to connect with the world around them. It’s all about being curious about the world and caring enough to make an effort. And most importantly, we want to teach students to believe in their own ability to make a difference.



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