Peer reviewing: slow down to be able to speed up

This week the students start by doing a little bit of peer reviewing. They’ve gathered and assembled information about the political parties and have started building their web page. To make sure that they are on track the first lesson this week will begin with them sitting down with another small group to go over the web pages they’ve started building using a set of questions prepared by me.

Here’s a link to the questions I’m giving them (the questions are in Swedish).

The goal is for them to really consider the structure and look of their web page. We have talked about the web pages being user friendly and how images, color and layout can make impressions on people; warm, energetic, intellectual, cultural and so on.

The students in my class do not fully appreciate the concept of peer reviewing yet, but I will keep insisting that we do it. Many of them seem to feel stressed when peer reviewing because they feel that they are ”losing time” they could be working on their web page. I will continue telling them that slowing down in order to get feedback from your peers is actually a very good way of getting on track and being able to speed up because your vision of what you want to do is much clearer. I’m sure in tim they’ll see it my way…


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