Popplet presentations make it easy

This week I’m trying the digital tool Popplet for the first time. I’ve been aware of it for a couple of years, but not used in in class. This week I decided to start my project about Scotland by having the students use the site Visit Scotland to find information about the country and then put together in small groups a mind map using this information. They only get about 30 minutes to do this and then during the last 20 minutes each group sits down with another group and tells them about the information they’ve found using the popplet/mind map.

I found that it was an effective and quick way to work with mind maps. I think it’s a wonderful idea to usen them to make the students speak only using key words. Usually when they prepare a presentation they write too much and this way they are forced to focus on their communicative skills instead of just reading something already prepared. And the popplets look nice too! I’m very sure I’ll use them again soon!

Here’s a clip on youtube for how to use Popplet.


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