Building a party and a web page

This week we are starting a new project in Swedish class that I’m very excited about. Since there’s going to be an election in Sweden in three weeks the students of the 8th grade are now busy gathering information about the political parties so that they can create their own political party. Their assignment is to create a web page where they discuss their own topics by comparing them to the established parties – reflecting and analyzing. Hopefully we will also be able to set up some kind of debate where the students get to share all their opinions, ideas and knowledge about the political landscape of Sweden today.

I have encouraged all my students to not just limit themselves to the classroom and finding information online. I feel that it’s very important to have the students engage more with society and learn that you can find information and learn things from interacting. Sometimes an e-mail to the right person or organization or company can be a lot more helpful than searching for the information online.

I can’t wait to see this project unfold! My students seem very excited about – both because it’s challenging and because they are free to make a lot of choices themselves.


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